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Here I have included links to many of the products listed in the book as well as others I feel may be of interest to those looking to increase inventory accuracy. I will continue to update the online glossary based upon input from readers. The technology updates are intended to supplement the technology chapter of the book. I plan on using reader input to help guide the content of the site. Please let me know what you liked in the book, what was missing, and what may need further clarification. Content on this site will grow over time, check back periodically for new features. Note the error correction listed below.

Error Correction:

I was recently made aware of an error in the book related to the calculation for Good Count Bad Count. On page 152, the second sentence under the paragraph titled Good Count Bad Count reads "Good count bad count measurement divides the number of good counts into the total number of counts" should read "Good count bad count measurement divides the number of good counts by the total number of counts". The actual calculation shown in the illustration at the bottom of the page is correct as are the calculations in the examples. I thank a reader for bringing this to my attention.



 Links to products referenced in the book and more.

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Complete updated glossary from the book includes additional terms added since the book's

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Updates to the Technology Chapter.  Don't miss the RFID update.

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