Miscellaneous Products

Transaction-Automation Products

Many software programs have macro capabilities built into them as do some keyboards and other input devices (bar code scanners, wedges, mice). The products listed below are add-on products that allow you to automate repetitive tasks in programs that don't have built-in macro capabilities. They also provide more advanced functionality than most built-in macro utilities. Check them out, they are inexpensive and you may be surprised as to their capabilities.

Reporting and Data-Analysis Products

  • Crystal Reports This is the reporting tool I used to create most of the reports and documents in the book. Crystal Reports offers exceptional formatting capabilities and can access most databases. To add bar code printing functionality to Crystal Reports, I used Wasp Fontware Pro +
  • Monarch This is an interesting data analysis product that allows you to convert reports into data. If you can get access to the spool files you can convert your report output into data that can then be manipulated.
  • Access If I'm going to do extensive data analysis, my preference is to import the data into Microsoft Access and then conduct the analysis there.
  • dQuery This is an open-source query tool.

Location Signs, Labels, and Related Products.

These companies provide item labels, shelf labels, signs, and products for identifying floor locations.

  • Shelf Tag Supply Shelf labels, aisle signs, hanging signs, magnetic labels and signs, cardholders.
  • JEKA Shelf labels (magnetic and adhesive), aisle signs, hanging signs, floor products.
  • Seton Signs, labels, tags. Stock or custom.
  • Metal Craft Bar-coded metal nameplates and specialized labels for product identification.
  • Express Barcode Labels Barcode labels for harsh environments.
  • Holdex Label holders and sign kits.
  • ID Label Inc.