Portable Computer Links

Hand-held Portable Industrial Computers.

Batch and RF portable devices. Often called portable terminals, portable data terminals, PDTs, RF terminals, RF computers.

Vehicle-Mount Computers.

Devices can be mounted to lift trucks, carts, and other portable equipment. Also can be operated as fixed terminals in industrial applications. Many have touch-screen capabilities.

Wearable Computers and Scanning Devices.

Wearable devices are still pretty scarce. Below are some links to current wearable industrial devices as well as links to sites showing technologies that show the future of wearable systems.

  • Symbol WSS-series wrist worn computer and SRS-series ring scanner
  • Vocollect Talkman wearable voice-directed system
  • LXE Wrist worn HX2 wearable computer
  • Psion Teklogix ScanSee hand-mounted scanning system
  • Metrologic Wearable scanner (back of hand)
  • Socket Wireless ring scanner
  • NetworkAnatomy Wearable systems for harsh environments. Currently their products are targeted more towards the military and emergency response personnel, but you can see some of the possibilities of wearable systems here. Especially interesting is the CommanderGauntlet.
  • Xybernaut
  • Nomad Heads-up display system. I'm not ready to recommend this technology for the warehouse, but it is worth a look.
  • Elektex Another interesting technology that I'm sure will eventually make its way into wearable industrial systems. In this case, the term "wearable" really applies since this product is basically fabric with embedded sensors.

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